Bypass location-based IP blocking with a VPN.

Unblock French Websites with a VPN

Many websites restrict access to users with French IP addresses. VyprVPN allows you to bypass location-based IP blocking and access French websites securely from anywhere in the world. Generate an IP address that originates from any of our global VPN server locations. Access your favorite websites, secure your Internet connections and encrypt all data you send and receive online.

Restore your online freedom. Choose a server location in a different country and browse the internet safely and securely.

Internet Freedom in France

With VyprVPN, users in France and around the world can surf the Internet freely and securely. Choose one of VyprVPN's server locations in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa or Oceania and experience the Internet without geographic restrictions. Surf the web freely regardless of your true location, network or device.

Protect your data and secure your Internet connection with VyprVPN.

Security & Privacy

VyprVPN uses 256-bit encryption to keep you safe from hackers and snoops on unsecured networks, including Wi-Fi hotspots in France. VyprVPN also prevents your ISP from using deep packet inspection (DPI) to inspect and throttle your connection. With VyprVPN activated, your ISP sees only encrypted VyprVPN traffic and your VyprVPN server location - not the emails you send, websites you visit or other personal information.

VyprVPN offers privacy and security solutions to help fight data retention laws.

Data Retention in France

Protect yourself against the French data retention law, known as the "Law on Intelligence," which requires the retention of Internet data for 1 year. Don't let the government spy on you or invade your privacy. Use VyprVPN to encrypt your Internet connection to protect your data and maintain your Internet privacy and security. Generate an IP address that originates from any of our global VPN server locations to access your favorite websites and secure your Internet connection.

VyprVPN offers users access to an unrestricted Internet and achieve privacy.

Privacy and Data Regulation in the EU

With VyprVPN, Internet users in France can access an unrestricted Internet and achieve privacy without worrying about the implications of recent EU legislation. This legislation includes the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the passenger name record (PNR) data-sharing law, laws governing chats in the workplace, concerns over cookie usage and the controversial Right to Be Forgotten law.

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